Quick, Easy & Delicious Tuna Salad

Are there ever days when you get home from work, school or activity/event and you’re ready to EAT but too tired to cook? Yes? Then I have just the recipe for you. 

This is a favorite go-to recipe because 1) it is delicious 2) it is easy and 3) it basically involves almost zero cooking! And honestly, sometimes that is just what I need. Food to me should be both delicious and nutritious and this recipe is exactly that. 

Follow the instructions below for an easy, quick & delicious meal! 

First, boil 1 serving of your choice of pasta and that’s all the cooking you have to do! While the pasta is cooking you can prepare the other ingredients of your tuna salad bowl.

*Pro-tip! If you add a dash of salt and cover the lid the pasta will cook much faster.

Then, pick your choice of canned or ready to eat tuna. The one in this recipe does not need to be the one you use. It can be any one that you enjoy. 

Pick your favorite bowl to put your tuna salad in! 

Next, cut up about 1/3 cup of cucumbers and add to bowl.

Next, add 1 tbsp of either mayo, greek yogurt or a thick yogurt like Siggi’s Icelandic yogurt. 

To add another layer of flavor, cut up 1-4 sun dried tomatoes into bit size pieces.

Last, add sun-dried tomatoes and cooked pasta into your bowl, top it off with your favorite seasoning and enjoy! 

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